Tenants Making an Impact

AeroSafe Global Plays Critical Role in Vaccine Delivery

American Aerogel was as a small start-up when they first signed a lease with us for Buffalo Road Business Center in 2006. Over the last thirteen years, the company has completely reinvented itself as its grown, and will soon occupy seven times their original footprint at our property.

Now known as AeroSafe Global, the company’s core business is manufacturing aerogel-based cold-chain packaging for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. In layman’s terms, they make coolers that can keep stuff at a very specific temperature for long periods of time. They rent those packages, ship them out under strict guidelines, and get them back to recycle. Their clients include Pfizer, Gilead, and even NASA.

AeroSafe Global is now playing a critical role in the delivery of coronavirus vaccines – and we couldn’t be prouder to have them as a tenant!

As AeroSafe evolved and grew, they leased pockets of available space throughout our property at Buffalo Road. Even though they were taking on much needed additional space, this led to inefficient company operations – some spaces were only accessible by walking outside and into a separate entrance! Knowing of AeroSafe’s desire to more effectively operate, Buckingham’s leasing team worked over the last few years to accommodate their anticipated expansion – relocating other tenants and making arrangements to free up the space AeroSafe needed.
AeroSafe recently received an Excelsior Grant from Empire State Development, which allowed the company to pull the trigger on their expansion project. To start, Buckingham Properties gutted about 100,000 square feet of space – taking it all the way down to the beams. We also created a new common hallway. Their entire footprint was re-roofed, and we also installed eight new docks with hydraulic levelers and dock shelters. A new road along the east side of the property was created to provide access to the docks.

AeroSafe will complete their own office build-out, and are creating a new main entrance on the east side of the building along with an outdoor seating area for employees. AeroSafe currently employs 122 people, and will add 30+ new jobs over the next decade.

In total, AeroSafe will soon occupy 147,805 square feet at Buffalo Road – about 35% of the property! Congratulations to everyone at Buckingham who helped make this deal happen!